Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Day at Memorial Stadium

My good buddy Andy is high up at NU, so we got to spend some time touring the NU athletic facilities yesterday with the kids. Wow, what a time together. I have photos, stay tuned. I'm not sure if Dad or the kids had more fun :) I"ll let you decide.

It's amazing to be in a huge, empty stadium. You feel really small. Sam and I both were able to catch touchdown passes; we all got to stick our finger in the field turf and pull the rubber tires out; I tried a 47 yard field goal. . .I may or may not have made it; Sam ran a kickoff back for a score, and Malachi was an excellent Center (he has the build don't you think? ) We also got to re-enact one of my favorite NU-CU plays from the last few years. With the Big 12 going away the "rivalry" will be over, but the memories remain. Enjoy the photos!:

Dad's touchdown:

Sam's Touchdown

Sam and Malachi run the play (we've got 4. . .hey we're working on it)

My Field Goal try (not the 47 yarder):

The Third Largest T.V. in the World:

Malachi's Center Stance:

Eden totally not into it:

The precise spot, (yard line, end zone, etc) where Ndamukong Suh stepped on Cody Hawkins' head in 2008. :) Watch the clip, then relive the experience. (except Andy is about 200 pounds lighter than Suh, and I'm about 200 pounds heavier than Cody Hawkins):

Next year's Christmas Card: (if you have zoom on your browzer, check out Malachi's face in this one. . .classic)

Thanks a million Andy! I won't forget this afternoon,. . . . great times.


Anonymous said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

aaron said...

Name yourself!!!!! Who dares besmirch Memorial Stadium and then remain nameless!

Andy said...

Those pics are great. The most fun I've had giving a tour in along long time

aaron said...

I think this has to be John Boyle.

Boyle, don't hide behind your PAC 10, scholarship losing Buffs!!!

Ashley said...

What a cute family! It was great to see you guys again.

Anonymous said...

Shoot! How did you know? Just trying to keep up what now appears to be a dying rivalry. Great pics...glad you guys are having fun. I can only imagine how fun it would be to throw touchdown passes to my kids in what's largely considered to be the greatest college football stadium in the country, Folsom Field. Go Buffs!


aaron said...

Just out of kindness for the loss of all that is the Big 12, I"m going to allow John's last comment. I'm sure the Oregon Ducks will strike up a huge rivalry with CU soon enough. :)

Let's just say that the last NU/CU game belongs in Memorial Stadium, and there it will be.