Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: A Year of Moments

Happy 2011 everyone!

I looked at last December's post, and yes. . . . .2010 was much better than 2009. In fact, I think that 2010 was the best year I've had in a while. I thank God for that. The lines fell in pleasant places much of this year. But, the best things about this year were some of the great moments. Many of these will seem silly, but it's time for a more confessional blog post, warts and all. . .Here we go:

-- My scale has not seen the south end of 200 pounds in about 13 years. . . . 194, That was a good moment.

--On my sabbatical this summer, I made a few mix cd's (I blogged about these cd's. . look in August). One early June afternoon, we were driving back to Gretna, NE, my hometown, from the lake and "The End of the Innocence" came on. Yes, the windows went down and the volume went up. Great moment.

--As a kid, in Gretna, I used to spend alot of time staring out across the plains in the summer. . . you can see forever. . . I had some great Summer Nights (don't even think about humming that song) just enjoying the cool breeze, green corn, and the smell of freshly cut grass.

--Also in August, I got to go see Passion City Church in Atlanta. It was kind of an amazing moment being with the folks that taught me how to lead worship and worshipping with them after all of these years.

--No one knew what was going to happen with Nebraska Football this year. Although the season ended in a big dissappointment, we were all sitting in our couches on September 5th when Taylor Martinez happened. whoosh. This play had everyone at my viewing party out of their seats. We'd never even seen this kid play before. Great moment.

--I've never seen anything like this before: (even though he traveled) killer moment

-- Jody got excited about the Fall Young Life banquet and sent out a facebook request for dresses. She received about 9 dresses from friends and the one she picked was. . . . epic. My wife is exceedingly hot, . . great moment. She of course didn't let anyone take any real photos (cell phone does not count). But, trust me.

--We saw a storm come and go from the car, in southern Utah on our way to the Grand Canyon. You can see forever out there too. . . Wow.

-- At our Christmas Eve services at Calvary, I just started to feel really grateful for the church where God has placed me. We turn the lights off, light candles, and sing O Holy Night ever year, . . and it's a great moment. God really opened my eyes this year to the beauty of His Church.

--Malachi told me he didn't need me anymore and he would go back to Ethiopia and drive his own car. Although kind of a mean thing to say. . I thought this was hilarious and one example out of 5,000 of the amazing things he says. I had great moments talking to my kids this year.

--Ok, I could go on for pages about my kids. . .but some highlights. . . they got me a shoebox full of coal for Christmas, because I joked about it earlier in the month. . . Eden made me about 5 really great cards/notes this year. She just loves making me things. . . . Provi's stories for school about Malachi and about our sabbatical were great. That girl is a great writer . . .

--The first night of football practice, Sam took the ball around left end for a 20 yard touchdown. Great moment for me, I think he might have actually known what happened :) .

--This was a great moment: Just got chills again when I youtubed it!

--When Dena Groves led "He is Lord" and "Before the Throne of God Above" at church for the first time this year. . . those were great moments.

--When Brian, D, and the band and I led "All Because of Jesus" in October. . . . great moment.

--When Justin Hudnall uncorked the lead line on "Joy to the World" a few weeks ago. wow. He also killed "Awakening" when we introduced that song a few months ago.

--Jody smiled at me . . . . many times.

I could go on and on. . . Leave some comments about your favorite moments from last year. Let's make many more in 2011!

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Jeff said...

- Just hanging with you at the church talking about 'stuff'.
- The orphan luncheon at the church really opened my eyes and warmed my heart.
- Following your adoption journey has shown me God's father heart.
- Sabbath at the Britton's house.