Thursday, January 27, 2011


--Jody and I have had some stressful, non-successful shopping trips as of late. I'm considering some of these activities to spice up the proceedings.

--Don't like waiting on God? Me neither at times. This is a great article that answers the question, to some degree: Why? Why are you letting me go through this, God? We think those are the "un-answerable" questions. But, I challenge anyone to read this post, take a situation from your past that was very frustrating for you, took alot of patience. . .and see if you can't find a nugget or two of truth in here. Good Stuff. These "answers" don't answer all of the questions. But, perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to punt and say that something was "meaningless" or "didn't make any sense".

--There are differences out there on the role of women in the church. I firmly believe we, as the church, need to do a better job helping women develop their gifts and affirm them in what God has called them to do (within biblical boundaries). Regardless of your views. . check out this piece. . . had to be one of the most awkward board meetings ever! But, I think it shows a big blind spot in many of our churches.

--For the academic/theological types. . here's a great article from John Frame on the relationship between the church and societal needs. This has a been a bit of an intramural debate for a while now. If you're not aware of that debate, . . rejoice! This is still a good, informative essay.


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