Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good first day

Well, we brought Malachi home tonight. . gave him some food. .a bath,
and put him to bed. We'll see how he sleeps, but he ate alot and he
likes to play, especially with basketballs (there was much

There is a rumor that an internet cafe exists close by that actually
gets wi-fi. So, after we go to the US embassy tomorrow for Malachi's
visa, we'll see if we can't sneak down there so I can upload some
media. Sorry for the delay. I hope it doesn't have to wait until
friday night at the German airport (worst case scenario). So,
anyway, . . no promises, but hope springs eternal. :)

Thanks for everyone's comments. . . The nuggets trade is crazy ( but I
like it :) ). . . and I feel for everyone who's waiting for a
picture. I've been waiting through alot of status wheels, the last
few days :)

He has a shaved head now, and looks pretty slick if I do say so
myself. . .Sam, we need to keep up appearances, as he is currently the
best looking man in the family :)

God bless everyone,


Michelle E said...

Yay!! Good to read both of your accounts, and good to know how to pray these next few days specifically for you and Malachi. And love hearing about the other kiddos you met who will soon meet their forever families! Thanks for sharing :)

Bobby and Lois said...

Aaron, just a note from a long lost relative, Lois McNair(Gretchen's youngest kid, even though young is not what I would use to describe me anymore) I heard through the family grapevine what God was up to in your lives and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the updates today. I sent a more in depth message to Jody earlier today. How incredible our God is in His plans for us. Bobby and I and the kids will enjoy reading updates and also praying for God's best in your lives through this transition time. Bobby will be thrilled to know that Malachi is already a good ball handler. ps all 4 of our kiddos names start with "M".
Living Intentionally, Lois