Friday, November 21, 2008

Travel round up part 3

Things that weren't obvious to me, but might be to you:

Free wireless is very hard to find internationally. . . . . Especially at European airports :) It's like 6 euros an hour (around 10 dollars). So, be ready for that, with a credit card.

Have trident chewing gum on you at all times while you're en route. It helps with a) bad breath after breathing airplane air for 12 hours. b) lack of ear pain for takeoffs/landings c) able to kiss your wife most of the time, even if you've woken up from a 3 hour "nap" on an airplane. Always a good idea.

Either have a fanny pack (hopelessly lame) or one of these new "neckstrap pouch/holder things" for passport/boarding pass/a little cash/etc. . .. . It's good to just have those things on your person, they can fall out of your carry-on sometimes. :) I wish I had a picture of ours. . but it's like a large wallet attached to a long neckstrap (so it goes under your shirt). Very handy.

Don't eat fresh food/drinks anywhere in a 3rd world country. By fresh I mean. . . . vegetables/unbottled water/tea/fruits/salad. If it's not water. . .it's washed in water and not cooked. (vegetables have alot of local water in them)

I'm often ridiculed for my diet. . . . some of it is warranted. :) But, I ate chicken and bread for 5 days in Ethiopia and never even felt sick. hate the game, don't hate the player. . . . . .

Figure out when you should sleep/stay awake based on where you are headed. Try to sleep on planes/layovers/etc. . . . .to keep yourself on a schedule. The first day you arrive at a destination, try to just power through until normal sleeping hours, local time. The next day you'll be good to go (even though that first night will probably not be your best night of sleep). I've been bitten by this in the past as I've flown to Europe all the way to Australia. . . .it's important to think through this.

You can't pay for advice like this . . . . .

Crazy Aaron.
Crazy Aaron. . .