Thursday, November 6, 2008

The lines for me have fallen in pleasant places (one of my favorite psalms)

Hi all,

Well, we finally got some photos up, (as you can see on my wife's

The key there was to resize the photos very, very tiny in Snapfire,
and then to kick everyone else off the computers at the hotel , and
email at 9 pm when the phones aren't busy in Addis :) We went 3 for
3 (although the other computers weren't functioning at the time, so
no one was "kicked off" but the dial up lanes were clear :) )

I'm readying a bunch of pictures and video for the German airport
tomorrow night to upload all at once. It should happen around
Midnight Denver time-ish. But, at any rate all can partake in the
goodness when you wake up on Saturday.

God is really, really good. We have a stunningly handsome boy that
sleeps well and likes to play! As of now, he doesn't like getting
put down or transferring between people, he's still a little scared
there. But, when we saw the orphanage and transition home, that was
understandable :).
speaking of the orphanage, that was a very tough trip. . . roughly 70
kids, 30 babies all together. They are well taken care of, but some
of the babies were sick, had IV's, and they all needed a home. :(
The older kids were in school and sang us a wonderful song. Jody
tucked in some of the babies with new, warm blankets from Omaha
(thanks Aunt Lynette). We saw the room where Malachi lived for a few
months. Very sad there, very emotional. . . .

We can't wait to get home. The German embassy was much more "all
business" than the US embassy. We were all wanded, and they had me
remove everything from the diaper bag to check. After a few
questions, they told us to come back at noon tomorrow for the visa for

Apparently 1 year old orphans are very dangerous in German airports
(sheesh). Seriously, American citizens don't need a visa, but 1 year
old Ethiopians do. . . . . oh well. . .they won't understand my
complaints anyway, so I'll keep them to myself.

So, if that happens we're good to go at 10pm tomorrow night to
Germany. (noon Colorado time). If that doesn't happen, I'm off
to the Ethiopian airport to buy a ticket for NYC (via dubai). I feel
good about Germany happening. . our agency helped us alot there.

All of the Ethiopians (except the one's employed by the German
embassy :) ) are ecstatic over the Obama victory. I couldn't sleep
well last night, so I saw the whole thing, and there was much
rejoicing in this country. They really see this as a triumph for
their people, and in an in-direct way, it really is. Very historic

I miss home, miss diatonic music (outside of some great old school Bon
Jovi at the hotel, and George Benson in the vans) , and miss the kids.
Guys, dad is coming home soon, and he can't wait to see you. We'll
wrestle for a bit at the airport and make Malachi laugh (he has a
great laugh).

See everyone soon,


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Publican_Chest said...

Congrats, this is excellent.

German for I want Pizza is: Ich Mochte eine Pizze, bitte.

Praying that Malachi's first words will be: box and 1

just kidding! We are praying that you will have safe travels!