Monday, November 3, 2008

Hello Malachi!

Hi all,

Well, yesterday was an amazing day. We got to meet our son, hang out
with him, and watch him sleep for 2 hours. :).

Jody covered our first meeting over on her blog
(, so I'll let you read it there.

I commenced to try and send off a slew of videos and pictures, but
alas, we are on dial-up here in Ethiopia. During free time today and
tomorrow, I'm going to try and find an internet cafe, so that all of
you can share in our experience, until then, you'll have to "settle"
for my wife's wonderful writing. She does a great job. . . her
technical director stinks and currently has failed in his tasks :)

Also, they don't have blogger in Ethiopia, so we must use the
gmail/blogger email interface, which via dialup. . . . doesn't work
for any kind of media :).

But, I press on. . . . . .

There's a bunch of funny stories that I'll start to blog about once I
except defeat from the dial-up internet (hasn't happened yet :) )

Here's one quick one: The election is all over the news here (we
only get CNN and the BBC). So, I was down watching my computer's
status wheel turn and the receptionist asks me if I've voted. I told
her I voted before I left, and she said "McCain, yes?". I said
"yes". She said "Obama is a Muslim, yes? I have heard this." In
Ethiopia this would be a very bad thing for 1/2 the country, it's very
divided along religious lines. Some lies can travel across the world

I told her that it was a rumor, and not true, but that I just agreed
with McCain's policies more. Sigh. . . . .

More to come,


Dena said...

I hope you get your technical glitches figured out! I'm getting a little impatient to see your sweet boy! ;) You all have some serious blog stalkers back here in the states!

BMer916 said...

what? nothing of the Iverson drama? man, you've got so much to blog about!