Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello Ethiopia!

Hi all,

We've landed. . we're doing well. . no shots were fired when we were in Syria  (except, apparently on their border with Iraq).   The coffee is really good here, and needed since I've slept about 3 hours since Saturday.  It should hit me in about 3 hours.  But, I'll have copious amounts of Ethiopian coffee coarsing through my veins at that point. 

Jody's being a champ, she's even sharing our 1 water glass with me in our room.  (she hates doing this :)  )   Our room is very nice, and Malachi will have a pretty kickin' crib for a few days.  We'll get some pictures up later today. 

We get to meet Malachi after lunch today,. . that's exciting.  Then we'll leave him at the transition home tonight, and pick him up for good tomorrow.  

Oh yeah, . .and the guy who runs the desk at our hotel rocks old school Bon Jovi at 7:30 in the morning!  (now).   All is right in the world.

 I have alot of thoughts to post about the middle east and the muslim culture in London.  . . . later  :)  

God bless,



Andy said...

Sounds like everything is running rather smooth so far. And props on the video posting -- way to go techno-geek.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man,

We're excited to hear about everything...thanks for the updates - keep them coming.

PS Not sure if you get espn in Ethiopia, but you're going to want to know that the nugs traded Iverson to the pistons for Chauncy and McDyess. Crazy!