Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby man turns 2

We're celebrating Malachi's 2nd Birthday tonight. His "official" birthday is September 1st, but who knows if that's correct, so we're celebrating tonight. (smile)

I caught him playing alone in his room, singing to himself yesterday and it struck me that there was no singing for him last year. You see, baby man had a pretty rough summer of '08, he was in the hospital for much of it, and almost didn't make it. They even covered his legs with a blanket in our referral photos because of how skinny and underweight he was.

He's healthy and happy these days and has been an enormous blessing to our family. I"m not sure I remember what it was like without him.

So, Happy Birthday buddy! Sink your face into that cake tonight! We're thankful to have you home and glad that the Lord has healed you (through medicine) of all of your ailments.

It's a great day!

p.s. we're having an intergalactic blowout party on Nov. 4th, the day he came home. . . tonight is a smaller party. . . .more news to come as November gets closer.

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Publican_Chest said...

That's awesome. Happy 2nd Birthday Malachi!

We really want to be at the intergalactic blowout. Cosmic parties are the best.