Monday, August 3, 2009

Own it

Let me be the last person to refer you to the "Stuff Christians Like" blog. Everyone seems to know about this, so it's nothing new.

But, today there was a great post. Its something I've been wanting to say for a long time now. It's pretty chic to be a culture snob, especially directed toward the Christian sub-culture, and especially in the name of "excellence". This, despite the fact (this is but one example) that some of the greatest singers in history have been overtly "Christian" in what they say. . . but I digress.

Read this and own it if it's you. . . . . .

ps. If you partake of all Christian radio, books, culture, etc. . . without any discernment, there are about 300 other posts for you at this site. Today's post is for the other end of the spectrum.

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BMer916 said...


5. You've ever liked a song until someone told you it was Christian and then you immediately stopped liking it. = +5 points

26. If you see any of the Left Behind books on a friend's bookshelf you admittedly discount that friend's ability to make wise decisions about anything in life. = +4 points