Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm in a ranting mood this week. . . .watch out, I"m preaching on Sunday.

Anyway, I"m a huge Counting Crows fan. They were one of the biggest bands when I was growing up, they wrote a song named "Omaha", they were sufficiently sad and introspective to be hugely popular in the 90's (he he), etc. . .all good things.

But, seriously, Adam Duritz has to be one of the worst lyricists in the history of rock music. I mean, random, stream of conciousness junk that doesn't make any sense has a prominent place in their music. And, if he uses the phrase "I dream of Michaelangelo as I"m lying in my bed" one more time, he should be arrested for self-plagiarism. (he's used that in 3 songs, I swear).

"I dream of sex and God and the belly of a black-winged bird. . ". Thanks Adam. . .good point, you must be the Rain King. what?

Its one thing to use stream-of-conciousness stuff and then edit it or make the rest of the song cohesive with it. Then, there's the "let it fly" method that Adam seems to employ. Please people, tell a story, make a point, have a thought. . . . less drugs.

You know who else did that, . . . "The Who". I'm a huge fan of the Who, love their stuff (although I don't like CSI, except the first two minutes, of course).

But, on the song "Eminence Front". . .Pete Townshend goes off into whatever land. . . . "eminence front, . . it's a put on. . eminence front. . it's a put on,"

Seriously, what?

I guess I should give a pass to Pete, it's one song out of their many good ones. And, I know there is pressure to crank out albums when you have a record deal. But the Crows, that's another level. . .

rant over.

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Andy said...

Dude, if you think that is bad, you should hear some of their live bootlegs.

Think of it like a Dave Matthews Jam, but instead of soloists, Mr. Deadlock up there with his microphone singing in sentence fragments and such.

But I like some of it. I hang my head in shame.