Thursday, May 21, 2009

AI wrap up and game 2

I"ll take one more shot at some American Idol commentary. Some of you despise my A.I. fix, . . . so this will be the last one. Just know that the only reason I"m so into it this year is because there were about 4 world-class singers there at the end. Random-style. . . . .

--No doubt that Adam L. is a better singer than Kris. It's pretty obvious what happened. Kris took all of Danny G's votes. Thus, the victory. It shouldn't be a huge suprise, America always likes a dude playing his acoustic guitar more than a dude with make-up and nail polish. It's more of a cultural comment than anything else. Don't be mad, Adam fans. . .he's obviously not a "homecoming king" kind of guy. Whether or not anyone cares. . . Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, etc. . .those states exist. And, their inhabitants will not be voting en-masse for a dude in make-up anytime soon. That's our culture.

--What was up with "Washed-up Idol" last night? Trotting out all the old-timers was pretty awkward at times. Especially awkward, when their younger, amateur counterparts were outsinging them. KISS and Rod Stewart should never appear on a singing show again, and Lionel Richie was getting hammered by Danny G.

They need to have some current bands/singers at the top of their game to show that there really is a level above the Idol Karaoke that we've seen for 3 months.

--Adam L. will be fine, and even though I don't think he'll have a long career as an album artist, he could star on Broadway as long as he wants, and he could sing lead for Queen or KISS, as he demonstrated last night. He's truly an amazing vocalist.

--I'm not sure Kris will go as far as Adam. He just isn't a "pop" guy (much like David Cook) and he doesn't fit neatly into any current genre's. If they let him write and do his own stuff, he has a shot,. . . we'll see.

--A.I's batting average isn't very good,. . .the last certified "star" that came out a winner on A.I. was Carrie Underwood 3 or 4 years ago. Since then, the winners have not set the world on fire.


Game 2:

The Nuggets need this one tonight. The Lakers will have trouble in Denver, but the Nuggets won't be able to win 3 in a row either. So, this is an important game.

We just need to focus, make free-throws and not give Kobe dunks. Gasol wants nothing to do with KMart, . .same for Bynum vs. Nene. If Odom and Walton hurt us again, . . that will make it tough.

We need big nights from the Birdman and JR Smith. Smith needs double figures. I also think we need to play Kleiza on Kobe a bit, and get him some burn. This really isn't A.C's series. George Karl needs to take a page from Stan Van Gundy and play some different lineups (i.e. JJ Redick started against Boston and didn't play at all last night, . . DNP).

I don't say that because of AC's bad pass. That wasn't why we lost. I'm just not sure AC matches up against anyone from LA very well except for Farmar. It's not his series.

Let the games begin!

Let's see Kleiza!

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