Thursday, May 28, 2009

Game 5 report

Well, it was disappointing last night how the Nuggets fell apart in the 4th Quarter. Yes, the officiating was inconsistent, and Nene should still be playing this morning :) . But, we can only blame ourselves. . down 4 with 2 minutes left, we missed 2 wide open 3 pointers. We also blew the back-door play to Trevor Ariza.

Anyway, that's why God created game 6. . . so we need to win (obviously) on Friday night. I think we will. I don't see any quit in our team. So, I'm expecting victory on Friday. Then, we'll have a battle royale on Sunday night for all the marbles.

If you want to go over the officiating and try to fix the NBA's problem (there is a huge problem). Read this article by the Sports Guy

This is a fun team to watch. I"m proud to be a Nuggets fan, no matter what happens in this series. It's great to have a winning, gutsy, scrappy team to root for.

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