Thursday, May 7, 2009


So, I don't want to turn this into the NBA Playoffs blog. . . but there's so much material there these days.

With that said. . . . . Last night the Rockets and Lakers had a basketbrawl in L.A. It was an old school playoff game, like 80's Lakers/Celtics, or 90's Bulls/Knicks or Bad Boy Pistons vs. anyone, etc. . . .

There were a few controversial plays. Derek Fisher's bulldozer job on Luis Scola should warrant a suspension. It was flagrant, intentional and outside of a normal basketball play. Just a dumb move.

I have no problem with the league suspending Fisher.

Kobe's elbow to Artest, in my opinion, does not warrant a suspension. The league usually rules that elbows to the head or neck warrant a suspension (happened to Dwight Howard in the last round). Kobe elbowed Artest in the shoulder, in the middle of a basketball play, with Artest draped all over him. If the league suspends Kobe that will prove how whimpy they have become. Here's Kobe's play. . (the poster is obviously a little biased) .and here's the Mona Lisa of playoff fouls (fast forward to the 1 minute mark for the slo-mo) courtesy of Kevin McHale. Again, no fines were levied after this. But, we had one of the best series in the history of the NBA. Hmm. . perhaps there's something to learn there.

(by the way, does anyone else miss Dick Stockton and Tommy Heinsohn calling games for CBS back in the day?. . . great times)


Publican_Chest said...

I miss the ol' commentators from cbs. they embodied what "color commentary" is all about.

Yea, I think fish should get suspended. There has to be line drawn.

I just don't get how kobe wasn't even called for a foul. He elbowed artest and doesn't get called, but when artest goes and gets in Kobe's face to say that ain't gonna happen again, without physically harming kobe, they eject him??

Obviously artest has history, but that seemed out of whack. give him the technical and let him play.

i still think the advantage is with the rockets. Kobe can't make all of those shots every night, and the rockets made some stupid turnovers in the 4th quarter. If the lakers take one in Houston, then they will win the series, but until on...

aaron said...

Yeah, that was a classic Shaq conundrum, actually. Artest fouls Kobe for 10 seconds in a row. Kobe elbows Artest at the end. . .who gets the call?

I agree with you, the foul call on Artest was way, way late, and. . . questionably, right after Kobe's foul :) .

Having said that, . . Joe Crawford is always terrible and should no longer be a ref after the Tim Duncan thing. So, I'm not sure we should be suprised in any Joe Crawford game.

Publican_Chest said...

looks like kobe got the flagrant.

yea, it should of been a double foul, artest with a personal and kobe with a flagrant.

...loved the mchale clothessline..thats freakin funny...