Monday, May 25, 2009

Increased Expectations: Game 4 report.

The western conference finals have been going so fast, I haven't had time to catch up. I like the "every other day" format, but it makes it hard to blog about. Here's the Game 4/4th Quarter report:

Going into this series, most of us in Denver were fairly satisfied with making it to the WCF. We hadn't won a playoff series in 15 years, and so we were kind of "happy to be there" with the Lakers. But, something happened on the road to mediocrity. . . . we have a better team than the Lakers. The expectations have gone through the roof. This series could easily be 3-0 with us clinching tonight. But, we've choked in some crucial moments. So, here we are at the all-important game 4, and we're up big. Let's hope we can keep it going. I like our chances if we're going back to L.A. at 2-2. We've already proven we can win in L.A.

--Carmelo did pout quite a bit in game 3, but he has a terrible flu tonight in game 4, maybe he was starting to deal with that over the weekend, who knows. But, regardless, Kobe showed why he's still an assassin by taking that game from us at the end. Back in the Shaq days, I was a huge Laker fan and I used to love Kobe going off like that. Not anymore. :)

--Don't blame George Karl for the out-of-bounds play errors. In game 1 and game 3, the intended recipient of the pass was open for at least 2 seconds before the errant pass was thrown. Timing is everything on out-of-bounds plays and A.C. and Kmart are the culprits.

I'm going to keep watching the game now. . . enjoy everyone!


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