Monday, May 4, 2009

Random NBA Playoffs

What an amazing playoffs it's been so far! And, while turning down tickets for two Nuggets home games already. . . I will be there for game 5. (so the Mavs need to win one game at least so we have game 5 :) )

Off to the races, random-style. . . .

--Brian Scalabrine makes me feel like I could still play in the league even though I couldn't start for my high school varsity team. exhibit A. I"m sure he's a nice guy, but seriously, how is he in the league?

--The Celtics pulled out that series, but I'm not sure how much they have left in the tank. Even if they can beat Orlando, (coached by "the master of panic" . . . Shaq is always right), I don't see them hanging around very long with Cleveland.

--Rajon Rondo should've had two flagrant fouls in that series. Unbelievable.

--The NBA has a referee problem. Everyone knows this, but . . . it's really annoying when they swallow their whistle at the ends of games. Those who were present for game 5 Nuggets/Twolves 5 years ago know what I"m talking about. There should be the same rules at the end of the games. I know, I know, let the players decide. But sometimes that turns into "let the players mug the guy with the ball to thus prevent victory for the other team"

--Chris Anderson is ridiculous. I dare anyone to find a player currently as effective as Birdman while playing for the league minimum ( a paltry 774, 000 a year :) ) This is a great story that, hopefully, will be told soon. But Birdman came from a childhood of abuse, went through Junior College, Euroleague, and the Chinese National League before getting to the NBA, got kicked out of the league for Drug Abuse, and now he's back. He's playing ridiculous, Nowitzki wants no part of Birdman, and I'm a huge fan. He seems to be a really down-to-earth guy. (with a faux-hawk and 300 tattoos :) )

--the Lakers look disinterested, if Ron Artest is smart he won't say anything to Kobe, don't tug on Superman's cape. Keep them bored.

--back to the first round. . . How does any NBA team lose to another team by 58 points? I think the Calvary Bible Church staff could keep it within 50 (that's for you, Adrian). Terrible effort by the Hornets.

--Don't believe the hype about Dirk Nowitzki getting fouled. Go ahead and youtube some replays if you want. . .but it's a classic perception problem. He's always off-balance, he's always stumbling, and it's not because he got fouled. We've seen this before (Manu Ginobili). Don't be fooled.

--You might think Kenyon Martin is a thug. His Technical Foul on Dirk N. was epic. He just threw him out of bounds. :) Did Dirk get in a rhythm the rest of the game? Did he hit 6 shots in a row again on Sunday? No. I say good foul. speaking of which. . .

--The fine from the NBA was ridiculous today. 25k and an "upgrade" to a flagrant foul for KMart. Please. The League is way too reactionary and fearful about fights these days. Let me remind you here. Remember, no one was suspended for this. No fines were levied. . . . These were the Golden Days of the NBA!!! Good Clothesline Kevin McHale! Let the boys play. If Ron Artest is involved with any game. . . just post extra security :)

Enjoy these playoffs!


Publican_Chest said...

-Scalabrine is a role player. I think he plays the role well. He hustles, has a good jump shot, and boxes out...kinda like birdman.

-I think the story right now is the rockets. Last night's game was extraordinary. Most of the time, when the Lakers lose, I don't think the other team earned the win, but the Lakers gave it to them. Last night, the rockets earned the win. And I am loving Yao Ming hobbling out knocking down jumpers and going %100 from the line. If the rockets continue this, they will win the series. They made all the free throws down the stretch, kept composure when the refs called crap fouls for Kobe, and played sweet defense. I would give Shane Battier the MVP for last night's win. This series reminds me of the Kings-Lakers WCFinals several years ago that went to 7 games and the Kings should of won but for some bad referring at the end.

-When the nuggets advance they are going to have match up problems with either the rockets or the lakers. I don't know what they can do to offset that.

-I don't know who is going to challenge the Cavs. They actually hustle 48 minutes of every game, play defense, and they don't take anything for granted. They have the zeal of a college team. They look very hard to beat right now.

-I think the officiating is all part of the business of the NBA. Calls are more political nowadays than ever.

aaron said...

I'm gonna ignore the fact that you just compared Birdman to Scalabrine. . . that's a travesty.

Let me know when Scalabrine guards Nowitztki and we'll talk.

I agree that the Nugs will struggle with the Rockets or Lakers. I think the Lakers still win this series and beat the Nuggets. If the Rockets pull off an upset, I like the Nuggets chances because we have home court and Yao can't guard Nene (much like Dampier can't guard Nene).

The Lakers did destroy Cleveland twice this year, but that's assuming that Kobe and everyone are awake and motivated. I don't see that from the Lakers right now. . maybe last night woke them up. Like you, I think the Cavs just look better, but I can't ignore the season series, they kicked the Cavs butts at home. We'll see, that could be an epic finals.

--I won't comment on the Lakers/Kings series out of respect for the #1 Kings fan, Bmer. He's still emotional about that. But, suffice it to say, the officiating in that series is a long conversation.

Publican_Chest said...

-I don't know what's worse, me comparing scalabrine with birdman, or you comparing yourself to scalabrine;)

-The regular season doesn't mean anything come post-season time. Even though the Lakers swept the series, I just don't think that's a factor. Cavs are hungry.

-The rockets just blockaded the paint last night. No one was going to get inside. If they keep that up they have the speed to rotate and guard jumpshots as well. I think if the rockets want the series they could take it.

-We won't dig up the past anymore if there is an aching Kings fan in the house. I respect that.

aaron said...

The Lakers are doubling Yao tomorrow night, so we'll see how Artest and Battier do from outside. We'll see. . it kind of smells like Pistons/Lakers 04,. . where no one knew just how bad a matchup the Pistons were for the Lakers that year.

This could be it. But, let's wait until after game 2 when the Zen master gets to re-think everything. If they win again. . the Lakers are cooked.

I don't know, I"m sticking to my guns. I say that Scalabrine can't start for Creighton or NU. . . If Garnett, and Powe don't go down, he doesn't see the court in these playoffs. Obviously, I was kidding about myself, but there's alot more politiking, rather than skill that go on in the "12th man in the NBA" world. I've seen D league games, Scalabrine would not hang.

You can't teach 6-9, and so that's why he's in the league. He hit a couple of 3's for New Jersey, and walaa, he has a contract. That's totally different than Birdman.


BMer916 said...

aching Kings fan present

The cool thing about Birdman is that Karl apparently didn't think he was any good either, until he sat down with him and realized he's a student of the game and has a pretty good basketball IQ. Birdman says that he watched a lot of NBA when he was suspended and studied players tendencies, i was impressed.

-The Rockets have a legit chance because they have a coach who has played the Lakers in the playoffs like 100 times in the last 10 years. Adelmen has 10 years of trial/error (and success too!) so he knows what to do. I'm scared of both Houston and LA, but i think i'd rather play Houston.

aaron said...

Let me just say, editorially. . . that if the Rockets do win, it answers forever the Shaq vs. Kobe debate.

Shaq won a title in Miami and has had success without Kobe. Kobe can't get over the hump being "the guy".

I still think tonight is crucial, if the Lakers come out and win by 20, we have a series, and I like the Lakers. By the way, they aren't scared at all by playing in Houston. . .the Rockets don't have much of a home court advantage.