Wednesday, January 21, 2009

43 down. . . . .

Did everyone just realize that we've had 43 peaceful transitions of power in the U.S.A. with no governmental overthrows, or violence surrounding the inaugurations? (HT: Ligon Duncan)

I"m thankful for that. . .it's unprecedented in the history of world government. I'm thankful that President Obama and President Bush rode together in a car to the capitol building, and sat across the aisle from each other during the ceremony.

In other news. . .was that not the most blatantly religious inauguration service? That's kind of cool, . . ironic though that GWB was always accused of mixing God and politics too much. When I attended his first inauguration in 2001, there was alot less praying and invocating, etc. . than there was yesterday. I'm not complaining. . this is a good thing. But, let's all remember how ludicrious it is the next time a lawsuit is brought against "under God" or anything like that. Our country is based on religious principles. . you have the right to be an atheist, and that's another great thing about our country. But, let's just be honest about the whole thing.


Scott said...

That's interesting. I'm a bit more leery of the relationship between religion and politics (or more accurately, between Christianity and American Democracy) because I think it too often places American Democracy in the position of dominance. One example is Obama's idea that religion (in our case Christianity) must be articulated (read: reduced) to "universally acceptable principles." This is partially evident by the fact that Warren's (and presumably Robinson's) prayers had to be approved by Obama's staff. The problem is that you're allowing the state to infuse it's religion into Christianity.

To my understanding, Christianity is more faithful and has a greater voice when it's identity is distinct from that of the state.

aaron said...


Yes, I agree with your "leery-ness" about those things. When I say "religion", I don't mean biblical Christianity. And, I wouldn't ever want us to be waiting with baited breath for a government function to express Christianity biblically. (as some were yesterday with Rick Warren)

I believe, though, that God can work through little nuggets of truth that CAN come across at pluratlistic gatherings. . .I think He did yesterday through a few of the pastors. And, so I rejoice in the "common grace" there,. . while agreeing with you, that we want to be separate, for the cause of doctrinal purity for Christians.

My other point was that it's just dishonest and disengenuous to hope for "religion-free" public square, as that's not what our country was founded on. We were founded on Deism and different forms of that should be tolerated and celebrated at our official gatherings. That's part of what I was saying. These lawsuits are stupid. . .we're a religous society. . (again, not a biblical one. . but a religious one)

And, if Warren gets to talk about Jesus. . .bonus!

aaron said...

I also enjoy making up my own words.. .



Andy said...

Hate to go all mathematical on your butt, but if Obama is #44 then that means there have been 43 successful transitions of power.

That is, unless yo9u count the one where we overthrew the British rule, but that would disregard much of the rest of your post about overthrowing and power grabs and whatnot.

aaron said...


ok, 43 down it is. . . (you were always better at math).