Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How It's Done

So, this is another music nerd post. . . . .

I get really tired of seeing folks sing "live" on t.v. for two reasons. 1) They don't really sing it, and they're lip synching. . .I'll refrain from examples. 2) They stink because a) they stink or b) it's hard to mix for t.v. so the mix is exposing them too much and it sounds bad.

Here are two examples of one of my favorite singers, Carrie Underwood, absolutely Obliterating (in the best sense) these two songs. These are 100% live, raw, and incredible (you can tell there isn't alot of Auto-tune because she slides around a bit).

The first song is actually really encouraging to me, and I think it's a great marriage song, and a great song for the Christian life. The 2nd song just rocks. I'll post a "blair witch" cell phone version, so you can see how good she sounds completely unmixed. And, then I'll link to a more official version of the song.

I"m pretty hard on vocalists, and these two examples make the hair on my neck stand up. Thanks Carrie, for being professional, and kicking butt when you're paid lots of money to sing live in front of millions of people.

Hey Miley, Kelly C., Faith, Martina, Mariah, Whitney!!!!!!! Is it too much to ask that you hit the notes, perform well, and sing with good dynamics?
Check it out!!!! Get your junk together and sing good live!!!

So Small:


(a little cleaner):
this is an example, though, of some not so great mixing. . .hear how her voice is so "out front" in the mix that her pitch discrepancies come out more? They could "help" her in the booth by bringing the band up a bit)

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