Friday, January 9, 2009

B (C) S

Another college football season has ended, and again,. . . there is no clarity as far as the champion is concerned. I truly think USC or Texas would've won the title game. It's hard to say because a) it won't happen and b) it's really hard to evaluate teams after they've had a month off getting rusty and out of condition.

It's been this way for WAY too long, even Nebraska's 1997 championship should've been shared with Michigan (or, gasp. . .they could've played for it). It's time for an 8 or 16 team playoff. All of the arguments against a playoff are laughable, political and money-based. Everyone knows this, no one can do anything because of contractual issues.

I propose that when ESPN takes over the B(C)S next year, that they start an "ESPN" bowl that happens after all the current bowls and takes the top two teams coming out of the bowl season. This doesn't solve all problems, but it would get us closer, and more importantly it would stick a finger in the eye of the College/Bowl Presidents who only care about their already-bloated pocketbooks.

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