Monday, January 5, 2009

Random sports thoughts

Bronco fans: we live with Jay Cutler, we die with Jay Cutler. We have a mini-Brett Favre on our hands who will perhaps win a super bowl, but who will also lose some games with bone-headed interceptions. This is who Jay Cutler is. . .he's a gun-slinger. My only concern with him is his ego/pride in front of his teammates. If you look at Favre/Young/Marino/Brady, etc. . they obviously have a huge ego as well, but you'll never see them pout/call out/sweat in front of the team. Cutler has a ways to go there.

Random Texas football thought while watching the game tonight: How the heck is Quan Cosby 26? I've always wanted to go back and play for my high school team again to right some wrongs. . but this is ridiculous. . . he's between 4 and 6 years older than everyone he's playing against. Someone explain to me how this happened? When Cosby entered college, Terrelle Pryor (the OSU quaterback) was in 6th grade. huh???

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