Monday, January 19, 2009


I wanted to take the opportunity, on President Bush's last day in office to thank him for a few things. . . .

See, I think President Bush is one of the worst leaders we've ever had as President. It's an issue of competency as a leader (not intelligence. . two different things). Here's a great article outlining why he was a poor leader. I'm optimistic and excited at the possibility of new leadership in Washington (see, I think the country needs a "correction" about every 8 years anyway. . . Bush was needed, we forget this. . .and now, he needs to be done :) ) and I pray for, and wish President Obama the best.

Great article for all leaders

That being said, we can be even-handed, sane people. . . yes, even in politics. We can be nuanced and talk about the actual issues at hand instead of broad sweeping over-generalizations. We can look at problems from different angles and see how we might be wrong. We can do these things. . .

Yes we can.

President Bush,

1) Thanks for giving more money to Africa/AIDS than any president in history, and probably more than all presidents combined. . even though I don't have the data. You helped to save lives there, and hopefully helped to raise up a generation of Africans un-attracted to fascism and terrorism. So much needs to be done. . .but thanks for "putting the boat in the water" on issues in Africa.

2) Thanks for keeping the country safe for 7 years. I don't like torture, and you made mistakes there. . .but the fact is. . we have deterred terrorist attacks on American soil for 7 years. .Thanks.

3) Thanks for passing the Partial Birth Abortion ban, having your judicial department write many opinions of support on abortion related court cases all over the country, and taking stands on this complicated issue without making it us vs. them as so many in your party do. They sometimes hurt the conversation. . .you, however, got stuff done, and got laws passed. A generation of people thank you (or they will one day)


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