Monday, January 5, 2009

Random maturity thoughts

It's hard to be bold and yet charitable. . .humble and yet convinced. That's the challenge for our generation. . . .don't be a limp-wristed, believe anything, egg-shell walker. But, don't be a jerk while you "contend for the faith". In fact, make sure you're contending for something that's worth contending for. We must have conviction, and we must have charity towards those we disagree with. Especially if you're in some sort of pastoral role,. . be careful when you "bind the conscience" of others. It's part of the gig. . but make sure that you're not going beyond the bible when you bind someone's conscience, else we become like the pharisees who "tied large burdens around men's necks". Some folks need to be rebuked on an issue in their life. . some folks need to be comforted. . . . .to discern who is who takes maturity.

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Kimberly Kulp said...

Amen! This is certainly food for thought for our entire generation...