Friday, January 9, 2009


The scary thing about getting older and craftier is that you're capable of talking yourself into ANYTHING. You're also capable of working yourself into a frenzy so that you believe things that aren't really true. Sin is deceiving. . . . . .And, when we don't go back to the Word, and don't immerse ourselves in a church (not simply attending) we have no bookends to keep our thinking and our life in the margins. Our protection from self-deception is a reality-based self-view, this can only be found through Jesus who is "the Way, Truth, and Life". The Word, and community around the Word, helps us see ourselves correctly

It's almost like Kleptomania. . . you can steal so much, and enjoy it so much that you actually start to believe that all that stuff is yours. To the outside world, it looks crazy and they think that person needs help. However, the kleptomaniac doesn't see it. This is also true with Child-rearing, (which is a whole other post. . .longer. . . but we aren't doing that anymore :) ) You can get so stressed and overwhelmed that you start to take things personal that your kids are doing (as if they're out to get you). You can start to say how you "have no time" for anything, and you need more rooms in your house, etc. . .. . I've been there.

You can talk yourself into anything, even about yourself. . . . scary.

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